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Dec 14, 2020

This week, we conclude our two-part series on the Calgary bubble by focusing on how it will impact players. Our guests include Marc Kennedy of Team Jacobs who could be in the bubble for as much 5 or 6 weeks. Laura Walker who is a new Mom and could be in the bubble for two events or more. Mike Fournier who has yet to play a game this season yet might be selected to represent Quebec at the Brier as the province’s highest ranked men’s team. Jill Brothers of Nova Scotia who might have to miss as many as 4 weeks of work if she were to win the right to represent her province at the Scotties.

Our final guest this week is Tabitha Peterson of the U.S. who was selected by USA Curling to represent her country at both the 2021 Word Women’s Championship and the 2021 World Mixed Doubles .